Top headlines: Monday, May 14

Top headlines: Monday, May 14

Here are the top headlines for Monday, May 14.

1. One dead after Oroville boating accident

One person has died after a fatal boating accident on Lake Oroville.

It happened around 6:30 p.m. Sunday near the west branch bridge.

Five other people were injured.

2. Missing child in Humboldt County

A 23-month-old girl is missing on the North Coast.

Mira Carter has been missing for more than a week. The last time she was seen was on May 2 at the Humboldt County Courthouse.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office.

3. U.S. embassy inaugurated in Jerusalem

A new U.S. embassy will be inaugurated in Jerusalem Monday, after the embassy moved from Tel Aviv.

A mass protest was taking place on the Gaza border during the ceremony.

4. Chico theft suspect captured

Police in Chico believe a 16-year-old was responsible for stealing Mother's Day gifts from a parked vehicle late Friday.

It happened in the 1000 block of Admiral Lane.

When police found the suspect, they found him with a loaded handgun and said he was on probation.

5. Redding Rodeo Week kicks off

Redding Rodeo Week kicks off Monday, with a mock bank robbery hosted by the Asphalt Cowboys.

The group will release clues every day until someone solves the puzzle.

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