Top headlines: Wednesday, June 13

Top headlines: Wednesday, June 13

Here are the top headlines for Wednesday, June 13.

1. Proposition 47 linked to increased crime

Researchers in California are linking Proposition 47 to an increase in certain types of crime such as car burglaries and shoplifting.

According to the Public Policy Institute of California, by 2016, larcenies rose nine percent.

2. Repeat offenders re-arrested in Redding

Two men were arrested after a fight at a Redding park Tuesday.

Edmond Jung and John Workman were arrested after police said they used a machete and a hammer during a fight at Parkview Park.

3. Proposal to split California into three states

A proposal to split California into three states will be on the November ballot.

The proposal is called "Cal 3" and would split California into Northern California, Southern California, and California.

4. North America to host FIFA World Cup 2026

North America has beat out Morocco to host the FIFA World Cup in 2026.

This is the first time since 1994 that the championship will take place in the U.S.

5. Succulent plants stolen in Humboldt County

Three men have pleaded guilty to taking succulent plants from Humboldt County.

According to California Fish and Wildlife, dudleya plants were stolen in April from the Humboldt Lagoons State Park.

An almost four year prison sentence was suspended on the basis that the defendants do not enter the country without authorization.

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