Trinity Center Residents worried as flames come over the ridge


Residents in Trinity Center are on pins and needles as they watch smoke and flames crawl over the mountain near Trinity Lake.

The small mountain town has not been evacuated and the lake is still open, although many residents have packed their things just in case.

Eleanore Scott has been living in Trinity Center for 51 years and claims to have never seen anything like what they are seeing now.

"I am absolutely terrified, but very grateful for the resources we have through the airplanes, the bulldozers, the fire fighters and all the people behind the scenes helping as well as in front of the scenes doing the work," said Scott. "This town is very involved. They come down every night and part of the day to see what the fire is doing because we've been scared to death."

People gathered at the lake to watch as four air attack planes dipped into the lake and dumped water on the flames. Air attack officials say the smoke they are seeing is from the Hirz and the Delta Fires.

Air attack is coming from Redding and the Trinity Center Airport. Water and retardant are being used. Officials said they are paying close attention to Trinity Center. A winery close to the flames is being closely protected by fire crews.

Monday evening, officials hosted a meeting for members of the town to answer any questions they may have about the fire they are seeing coming over the ridge. Officials told them the fire was less active than it was over the weekend and it was being held at Dog Creek.

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