Trinity Co. officials rescue stranded couple, injured dog

    Photo courtesy of the Trinity County Sheriff's Office

    A couple and their injured dog were rescued in Trinity County Tuesday after officials say the couple became stranded after attempting to rescue their dog that had fallen off a cliff.

    According to the Trinity County Sheriff's Office, at approximately 8:10 a.m., the Trinity County Sheriff's Dispatch Center received a call of a stranded couple and their injured dog at Forest Glen near Hells Gate Campground.

    David Caldwell, 41, from Trinity Pines, and Shannon Goff, 50, from Hoopa, said they had been out for the day on Monday looking for a trail in the Forest Glen area when they stopped on Summer Home Road and their dog took off after a fox.

    The dog fell down an approximately 200 foot cliff.

    The couple said they attempted to get their injured dog but once they got down to the dog, they realized they couldn't get back up the cliff due to the steep terrain and how wet the area was.

    The couple said they spent the night on the rocks near Devils Hole.

    Once emergency personnel received the call, they responded to the area. An aerial rescue was considered but weather conditions did not allow for that type of rescue.

    Trinity County Sheriff's deputies, Forest Service law enforcement officers, officers from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and volunteers from the Trinity County Search and Rescue used a kayak to gain access to the stranded couple and their injured dog.

    The couple and the dog were transported across the river safely.

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