Trinity County Environmental Health: Pot grows infecting 108 water sources


TRINITY, Calif. - 108 personal water sources have been infected with an illegal pesticide in Trinity County since 2008. The Department of Environmental Health is urging people to get their water tested.

The abundance of creek beds in Trinity County has turned this back-country into an ideal target for cultivation.

The Trinity County Department of Environmental Health said Carbofuran, a pesticide which is often found in illegal marijuana grows, has been found in water sources throughout the county.

Department of Environmental Health Director, Kristy Anderson, said Carbofuran is so harmful, it has been banned in the United States, which is why they are releasing a public health advisory.

"Carbofuran is a neurotoxin. It affects reproduction. It's very harmful to human health," Anderson stressed.

The banned pesticide has been found in almost every creek bed in Trinity County, with the exception of Weaver Creek, which is where the majority of residents in Weaverville get their water.

Anderson warned Carbofuran may be seeping into individual water sources and several of them came back positive for Carbofuran or other synthetic compounds. Some water sources have been affected 2-7 times.

The following is a list of affected sites:

Lower Mumbo Creek

Copper Creek

Bear Gulch

Rush Creek

Little Brown's Creek

Tom Lang Gulch

Lower Indian Creek

Dutton Creek

Lower Grass Valley Creek

Deadwood Creek

E. Fork Browns Creek

Duncan Creek

Barker Creek

Upper Big Creek (HYK)

Miner's Creek

Little Creek

Kingsbury Gulch

Bear Creek

Big Canyon

Brock Gulch

Kerlin Creek

Grassy Flat Creek

Pelletreau Creek

Cold Spring's Creek

Big Creek

McClellan Place

Sulfur Grade Creek

Hastings Creek

Jims Creek

Naufus Creek

Plummer Creek

Lower Rattlesnake Creek

Post Creek

Dobbins Gulch

Salt Creek

Wilson Creek

Lower Tule Creek

Drinkwater Gulch

Dutch Creek

Indian Creek

Browns Creek

Gold Creek

Upper Tule Creek

Cave Creek

Smokey Creek

Hayfork Creek

Olsen Creek

Browns Canyon

Red Lassic Creek

W. Fork Van Duzen

Bar Creek

Headwaters N. Fork Eel

Kekawaka Creek

Salt Creek (Eel tributary)

Line Gulch

Shell Mountain Creek

E. Fork S. Fork Trinity

Dark Can Creek

Black Rock Creek

Prospect Creek

Bierce Creek

W. Hayfork Creek

Upper Trinity River

Clawton Gulch

N. Dobbyn Creek

Canadian Creek

Upper Corral Creek

Treloar Creek

Conrad Gulch

Jim Jam Creek

Quinby Creek

Panther Creek

Bell Creek

Hawkins Creek

Lower Devil's Canyon

China Creek

Big Creek (Denny)

Don Juan Creek

Italian Creek

Little French Creek

Big French Creek

Lower Big French Creek

Upper Big French Creek

Thurston Gulch

E. Branch E. Fork N. Fork Trinity

Yellow Jacket Creek

Ripstein Gulch

Baxter Gulch

Rich Gulch

Digger Pine Flat

North Fork Gulch

Eagle Creek

Mill Creek

McDonald River

McAllister Creek

Big Bar Creek

Prince Creek

Conner Creek

Clear Gulch

Middle Eltapom Creek

Headwaters Grouse Creek

Monroe Creek

Big Creek (Hyampom)

Lower Eltapom Creek

Hayshed Creek

Corral Creek

North Fork Trinity River

South Fork Trinity River

If live near any of the listed water sources above, contact the Trinity County Department of Environmental Health (530) 623-1459.

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