Village Cycle to close after 46 years in Redding

Andy Friesen, background, repairs a bicycle at Village Cycle in Redding. One of the longest operating full service bicycle stores in the Northstate, the shop on Bechelli Lane is going out of business after 46 years.(Still Image: Adam McAllister/KRCR)

An iconic bicycle shop is closing after 46 years in Redding.

Considered the longest operating full service bicycle repair shop in Redding, Village Cycle has been selling and repairing bikes out of the same building on Bechelli Lane since 1972. But after two years of slow business, the shop is scheduled to close for good some time in February.

"It's been an institution here, forever," said Andy Friesen, manager of Village Cycle, who began working at the shop in 1998. "About six years ago we built it back up to a pretty viable business and in the last two years our business has dropped to about half of what it was before."

In 1972, the year the shop opened, bicycles outsold cars in the United States, 13 million to 11 million, according to's Science of Cycling. But times have changed, even in an area that boasts a large trail system.

While Friesen says Redding has a strong biking culture today, small shops like Village Cycle have a tough time competing with the big box stores and online retailers, whether buying a bike or repairing it.

"It's really easy to buy any bike parts online for basically minimal margins over our wholesale cost," Friesen said. "So if you're buying stuff online, it's real easy to put a shop like this out of business."

Shasta County has one of the Northwest's most extensive trail systems, but even that hasn't been enough to keep Village Cycle profitable. Still, Friesen said if local governments continue to prioritize cycling in their planning, a local bike shop like this might be able to make it in the future.

"More dedicated bike lanes and bike paths would definitely increase the traffic on bikes," Friesen said. "It's a tough road to open a shop, especially any small business that caters to a small audience. Know your audience, know your product, love your product, and if you have a passion for what you're doing, it's more likely that you'll succeed."

Village Cycle expects to stay open into February, and signs on the storefront are already promoting their going out of business sale.

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