Weaverville man survives being ran over by his pick-up after sliding in the mud

A 51-year-old man from Weaverville is recovering after being ran over by his pick-up truck as it was sliding in the mud New Year's day.

The Trinity River California Highway Patrol said 51-year-old Johnathan Parks was driving a 1980 Ford F-700 down a steep muddy roadway January 1 at 10:55 a.m in Weaverville.

As he was approaching Oregon Street, the pick-up began to slide on the roadway.

Parks told officers he attempted to use his brakes but the pick-up continued to slide on the muddy roadway and Parks lost control of the Ford.

The CHP says Parks jumped out of the pick-up for safety and the front end of the Ford collided with a dirt embankment.

The rear of the pick-up then spun in a clockwise direction and the left rear tires ran over Parks.

CHP says the rear-end of the pick-up continued in a clockwise direction and rolled over.

Parks is recovering. He was transported by helicopter to Mercy Medical Center for his injuries.

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