'We've just seen this big change': Are wildfires the new normal?

A news reporter surveys the fire damage to one Redding neighborhood.

REDDING, Calif. - It's an eerie drive through some of the hardest hit neighborhoods in Redding where the Carr Fire wreaked its havoc.

Entire blocks are flattened in some areas to indistinguishable rubble - and that is what this community has to deal with

Donovan Lee's home is one of just a few in his neighborhood spared by the inferno. He's a firefighter himself, and while most of his neighbors left, as flames rolled down the hill he stayed behind to fight.

"The fire originally came around the back," he says. "It showered a bunch of embers over to these houses and that's how they become involved. I was able to spray all the embers out when they landed on my house."

Sadly the devastation isnt limited to his street - the Carr Fire charred other neigbors in and around Redding, forcing pepole out of their homes, some with just a few monments to flee.

Even those who were spared wonder whether this is the new normal.

"It's scary because I'm a native, i was born here, my grandfather was born here, and we've just seen this big change over the years with this fire situation," says one man.

And that is something that this community in Redding will be dealing with for years.

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