Work being done to reinforce the J levee on the Sacramento River near Hamilton City


    According to the Glenn County Sheriff's Office, work is being done Wednesday to reinforce the existing J levee on the Sacramento River near Hamilton City.

    Officials said the levee will be temporarily reinforced to support against the high water levels expected with this current storm. The river is forecasted to reach a height of 149.5 feet, surpassing flood stage.

    Minor flooding is expected including roadway flooding which the community has experienced multiple times this winter season.

    Amy Travis with the Glenn County Sheriff's Office said the levee will be protected with flood fight materials such as sandbags, visqueen, and other methods. The Department of Water Resources will oversee the reinforcement project.

    "You know the levee has taken a beating this year, there has been a lot of high water and several storms. It's a strong levee and it keeps on truckin'. But it does have some erosion on the north section of the levee which we are also repairing at this time," said Deputy Director of Emergency Services for Glenn County Sheriff's Office Amy Travis.

    Crews will be onsite along the Sacramento River Wednesday.

    A new setback levee is under construction in the area of the J levee, which will provide additional protection from flooding in the future.

    At this time, the levee is not in imminent danger and there are no evacuation orders. Residents throughout Glenn County should continue to be prepared for flooding and remain alert for emergency notifications.

    Residents should be prepared throughout the storm season with emergency supplies, a go-bag, and evacuation plans.

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