New opioid clinic opens its doors in Redding


    Opioid abuse and misuse is a worldwide crisis. “Groups,” a nationwide organization that has expanded into California, had their official grand opening on October 4 in Redding.

    The Redding community has been struggling with having enough services to address the issues. An estimated 10,067 people in Shasta County alone misused opioids in 2016, according to Groups. Some providers have waiting lists several months long.

    “They are coming in, saying, help me help me, the first question they get, what is your funding? We know there is a population that is literally dying. Dying, because treatment is not affordable nor available. We said, this must change," said Dwayne Dore, one of the counselors for Groups.

    "One of the brilliant things Groups did was make it available and affordable. If a person comes through the doors who doesn't have insurance or is under-insured, their treatment is 100% covered. If they aren't qualified for grant funding, we also provide private pay, $65 a week. It covers everything, counseling, drug screens, time with the doctor, groups, everything," added Dore.

    There are other obstacles addicts face as well when thinking of seeking treatment.

    “There is a feeling of condemnation and guilt that you know you shouldn't be doing that, and you are afraid to reach out for help because you feel that people are going to turn you away or reject you, or look at you with that face. Groups' program appears to be welcoming and hope restoring'" said RaeAnn Fitz, recovering addict and office coordinator for Groups.

    Groups uses Suboxone, a medication designed to treat opioid addiction, and group therapy. They have an 80 percent success rate. They also have free, monthly community support groups that are open to all.

    The first step to get help is to call or walk in the door of Groups. They are located at 376 Hartnell Avenue Suite A in Redding. They can also be reached by phone at (530) 999-2338

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