11-year-old survivor shares her story at cancer walk

A Redding 11-year-old, Amira Hutcherson, is using her love for public speaking and her history of surviving Leukemia to spread awareness and raise money for those battling now.

Amira seems like a typical 6th grader. She loves to read, loves fashion, and is almost a straight-A student.

Underneath her smile and curls is a heart of gold and a body that fought for three years to beat leukemia when she was just three years old.

Now a survivor, she braves sometimes large crowds to help others like her.

"I love raising awareness and telling my story to other people," Amira said.

"This is her passion. Even in school for school speeches she enjoys speaking," said her mother Lexi.

It's more than the love of public speaking. Amira loves the impact her speeches can make.

"I'm hoping to raise awareness and help other people who have a type of cancer to help them have courage and help them get through this like I did," said Amira.

"Ever since she was out of the hospital, I would say she was about five she kept saying 'I want to share my story. I want to help other kids, I want to make necklaces and go back and take them to the kids that are still stuck there in the hospital'," Lexi said.

The "Light the Night Walk" raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. People gathered in Redding Saturday by the Mt. Shasta Mall for the annual Redding "Light the Night Walk."

It's an organization that helped the Hutcherson's get through Amira's sickness and now they're giving back.

"We thought very confidently 'well at least we are covered in our insurance. We have great insurance great jobs. We'll be good financially.' That wasn't the case. There was so much that was not covered and that's where the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society came in," recalled Lexi.

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