70 percent of Shasta County voters choose mail-in ballots

Voter Drop Box, Shasta County

Out of about 100,000 registered voters in Shasta County, 70 percent chose to get their ballots by mail and many of those have already been turned in.

As of Monday afternoon, 17,000 mail-in ballots were received by the Shasta County Clerk's office, both through the mail and through drop box locations outside of the clerk's office.

"In fact there's a drop box in front of City Hall here in Redding on Cypress and it was completely full this morning from folks dropping off ballots over the weekend so lots and lots of ballots are coming in and we're excited to see how these contests turn out," County Clerk, Kathy Darling Allen said they expect the majority of ballots to come in on Election Day, which is June 5.

If you are mailing your ballot in, make sure to have it post marked before 8 p.m. Tuesday. Polling places and drop boxes will also accept ballots until 8 p.m.

Make sure to use blue or black in to fill in the oval that's next to your choice on the ballot. There will be questions located on the front and back so check your ballot carefully. You will also need to remove the ballot stub from both ballot cards, "A" and "B."

The four drop box locations are:

Shasta County Elections Office at 1643 Market Street, look under the green awning at the south end of the Market Street Promenade.

Redding City Hall at 777 Cypress Avenue, located in front of the building next to the Utility Payment Drop Box.

Anderson City Hall at 1887 Howard Street, located in front of the building, near the corner of Howard and Silver streets.

John Beaudet Community Center at 1525 Median Avenue, Shasta Lake, located in front of the building next to the main entrance.

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