A new beer for a good cause is coming

Shasta strong still.jpg

Five local breweries are supporting the Carr fire victims by doing what they do best, brew beer. They have come up with their own brand of beer, the recipe for a west coast IPA they are calling “Shasta Strong”. The brewers are covering all costs, including the ingredients.

"We had employees that were either evacuated or lost their homes, and/or family members who did." said Jeff Jensen of Wildcard Brewing Company. "As brewery owners, we were all fortunate we did not lose our homes. We all sat down as a group and just really wanted to do something”.

“It’s a tight community." said Scott Wlodarczyk of Woody’s Brew Pub. "Obviously, we are competitors and sortbut we also lean on each other”

Requests for the beer have come from as far away as Orange County, as a lot of people want the chance to taste a new limited brew as well as support the Carr Fire victims. The first batch is sold out, with more to come.

There will be a simultaneous tapping at all brew pubs on Wednesday, August 29th at 5:00 p.m.. The brew will be available on tap and in cans at local restaurants and bars. All proceeds will go to Carr Fire victims.

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