Alleged fraud contractor arrested for scamming Carr Fire victims, 19 arrests in total

Troy Arleigh Holladay, 46 years of Redding

Redding Police say while helping Carr Fire victims, the department's Neighborhood Policing Unit conducted an operation and arrested a man for allegedly working as an unlicensed contractor and defrauding fire victims.

The NPU learned that 46-year-old Troy Arleigh Holladay of Redding was providing bids to repair fire damage to victims homes. Officers believed Holladay was not a licensed contractor and had provided a bid to an elderly woman. This bid to repair her damaged property did not have a contractor license number and required a $1,500 cash fee up front, which was nearly half the total repair cost. Officers suspected the bid to be overpriced, not prepared by a licensed contractor, and potentially a fraudulent offer.

On Monday, August 20th, NPU, the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office, and the Contractors State Licensing Board conducted an operation where Holladay was found and detained. Officers were able to confirm Holladay was not a licensed contractor. He had also arrived at the elderly woman's home under the influence of methamphetamine. A search of his vehicle revealed that he was also in possession of meth.

Holladay was arrested for a felony violation of 7028.16 Business and Professions Code. This section forbids being an unlicensed contractor and offering or performing repairs to damaged structures as a result of a declared natural disaster. He was additionally charged with possession of a controlled substance and booked into the Shasta County Jail.

This incident is Holladay’s nineteenth arrest in Shasta County.

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