Alleged victims in sexual assault case against Redding neurologist take the stand

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Two women who say they were sexually assaulted by a Redding neurologist under the guise of treating them, took the stand in his preliminary trial Thursday in Shasta County. Dr.Hamid Rabiee faces more than 20 charges of sexually assaulting his female patients.

The women were called by the defense. Dr. Rabiee’s attorney questioned them regarding statements they made to therapists, and investigators.

KRCR does not identify those who are potential victims of sexual assault.

The first woman took the stand appearing emotional and nervous. She gripped a tissue in her hands and cried as she described Rabiee grabbing her breasts when she visited his office for treatment. When questioning was done and she left the stand, she stopped to embrace the prosecutor, sobbing for a moment.

The second woman appeared to be calm while on the stand and was questioned about other documents relating to the alleged inappropriate actions made by Dr. Rabiee. Her hands did shake while she poured herself a cup of water during questioning.

The women’s testimony came on the heels of testimony from six different Redding police investigators. Each of them recounted what different women told them happened during their visits to Dr. Rabiee for medical treatment.

One officer told of a victim who says Dr. Rabiee assaulted her while she was suffering a seizure in his office. Unable to speak or move, the women told the officer Dr. Rabiee grabbed her genitalia over her pants, and held his hand there during her entire seizure. When she asked him why he did that after, the woman reports Rabiee told her he was trying to “keep her safe.”

The hearing will continue Friday where the judge may make a ruling whether or not there is enough evidence to try the doctor on the assault charges.

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