Redding antique store standing against card theft

Amanda Smith at the Oregon Street Antique Mall that started "We Verify"

An antique store in Redding is standing up against crime on swipe at a time. Amanda Smith who works at the Oregon Street Antique Mall said she thinks businesses should help fight against crime in the community.

"If we can do our part then we don't have to worry as much and we can fight crime as a community rather than blaming a business or blame the government," said Smith.

That’s where she came up with the 'We Verify,' encouraging businesses to help eliminate credit card theft by having customers verifying their identity before making an electronic purchase by asking them to provide an ID rather than just accepting a blind pin number. She said is not asking customers to show their I.D. if they use their pin numbers.

"All they have to do is look at someone and I say 'may I see your I.D. so I can protect you or would you rather enter a pin number?" said Smith.

Smith said the community and businesses can do this and do their part to protect their community.

"If there is a business owner out there who can protect their community, they should do that. I believe it's part of all of our responsibility," said Smith.

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