Update: Loot found, Lone Strangers identified in Asphalt Cowboys Bank Robbery

The Asphalt Cowboys are releasing clues after they "robbed" a Redding bank Monday morning.

To guess and/or identify the Lone Strangers, call 223-1188. If the loot is found, turn it in to the Redding Chamber of Commerce.

Both identification of the strangers and the location of the loot comes with the bounty of $500 but that number will go down by $100 each day of the week.

Wednesday, May 16 Update:

The loot has been found and the Lone Strangers have been identified!

Linda Burke of Redding found the loot under a park bench in Mary Lake.

Burke won $300.

Randy Slaughter correctly identified the Lone Strangers as Ed Rullman, the owner of CR Gibbs, and his sidekick, Shasta County District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett

Slaughter won $300.

Clues for Wednesday, May 16:

LONE STRANGERS: Try as we might, To learn from the past; The Stranger and Sidekick, We see are too fast.

THE LOOT: Look before resting, Or enjoying the view; Toward the sunset, Your attention is due.

Clues for Tuesday, May 15:

LONE STRANGERS: Haven't found them yet, they must be the best; in case they went home, we'll scope out the nest.

THE LOOT: Those darned Asphalt Cowboys, are hot on the trail; just like a goldminer, with his pic and his pale.

Clues for Monday, May 14:

LONE STRANGERS: They've done it again, can't help but wonder, will the law and the Cowboys, recover their plunder?

THE LOOT: Through the streets of downtown, from the bank, to the water, to find the hidden loot, you should be quite the spotter.

Complete and up-to-the-minute information on all Rodeo Week activities can be found on the Asphalt Cowboys Facebook page and the Redding Rodeo Facebook page.

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