Axe throwing and logging, all for friendly competition

Bulls eye from ax throwing competition at the 2018 Sierra Cascade Logging Competition.

The 69th annual Sierra Cascade Logging Conference in Anderson started on February 8, and runs through February 10, where people come to compete in friendly competitions and artisanship. The event includes axe throwing, whipsawing, choker setting, and other activities.

Past President of the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference Ted James said the event is all about education.

"In this arena, we had a wild live show for [kids], rescued wildlife. We have the result of the poster contest that gives the chance for them to get money back to their classroom. And we have a logging sports demonstration that has some of the skilled pro-series guys helping out the college logging sports team," said James.

Joshua Taylor is one of the students from Shasta College Timber Sports team.

"I moved over here to go to school and I decided to join the logging sports team for something else to do besides sitting at a desk," said Taylor.

One of the highlights of the conference was the axe throwing competition where the past presidents of Sierra Cascade Logging have a friendly competition chucking an axe at a bulls-eye.

Past president Dee Sanders was declared the winner of the competition and said it was all for laughs.

"[It's] a fun thing we do, just competing, put a little money in, throw axes together. 'So does that mean you got all the money?' I got all the money," chuckled Sanders.

Sanders said he won’t keep the money he won but will instead donate it to charity.

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