Bethel's $96 million campus gets go ahead in Redding

Artists' rendering of proposed Bethel Campus courtesy TPC Architects?

REDDING, Calif. - The City Planning Commission was apparently satisfied with Bethel's amended proposal for a new $96 million campus in north Redding, approving the plan by a unanimous vote at their meeting Tuesday.

Offering to foot the bill for water costs associated with the sprawling new site, expected to be completed by 2019 or 2020, Bethel also agreed to earmark $10 million to address transportation issues.

Commissioner Rick Bosetti, also a former Redding City Councilman and Mayor, was impressed with Bethel's willingness to spare no cost in addressing public concerns.

"(They) want to make sure the local people know this will be a top-shelf program, concerned with doing the right things for the public," Bosetti said.

He adds the campus is expected to be a showcase, with 20 percent of the project devoted to landscaping that will include the planting of 900 trees.

During Tuesday's presentation to the commission, Bethel said once the campus is expanded, enrollment should increase form 1,700 to over 3,000 students. Bosetti said the projected growth would bring a "dynamic, financial engine into Redding."

According to Bosetti, opponents have ten days to file formal opposition to the plan with the city. At that time, the matter would make its way to Redding City Council before moving forward.

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