Brandy Creek swimming advisory lifted

After issuing a public advisory Tuesday, Whiskeytown Recreation Area is saying that the water at Brandy Creek Beach is safe.

On Tuesday, officials said that the area had tested positive for elevated levels of E. coli, which put beach users at increased risk.

On Friday, they said that lab results from water sampling found that the water quality is now safe.

In reaching this conclusion, the park consulted with the Central Valley Water Quality Control Board, Shasta County Office of Environmental Health, and the regional National Park Service Public Health Officer.

The park says you can help them keep beaches clean and safe by the following:

1. Don’t feed wildlife! The Canada geese population that you see here at Whiskeytown is an unnatural population that have been living off of lawns and the food that visitors have left behind. Since a single goose can defecate every 20 minutes and approximately 1 – 3 lbs. a day, they are the most likely culprit of the park’s water quality issues at the swim beaches. Feeding the wildlife at Whiskeytown isn’t just a risk to human and wildlife safety, it’s also not healthy for the geese. And, it’s also punishable by a $250 fine.

2. Visitors can also help keep the waters of Whiskeytown clean by practicing healthy hygiene. A shower before swimming can help keep the waters clean, and a shower after swimming can greatly reduce the risk of swimmer’s itch, a condition caused by a parasite that uses waterfowl as a host.

The park also advised:

  • Don’t feed wildlife
  • Don’t leave food unattended.
  • Pick up any food scraps after a picnic.
  • Use restrooms provided.
  • Shower before and after swimming.
  • Access the lake from areas other than the most popular beaches.
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