Buckeye parent said student is scared to go back, wants answers

Normalcy returns to the Buckeye School of the Arts Thursday as parents pick up their children at the normal time in the normal fashion. This comes just one day after the school was put on lock down and the students were bused off the premises.

Although things appeared to be back to normal at the school, Dean Windom said his son was nervous to go back. "My son heard the shots, Windom said. "He's kind of scared about it. He didn't want to go to school today."

Windom remembers his own fear the day before, when he first heard about the six shots fired.

"Bus one loaded up and I saw him towards the end and it was just relief," Windom said.

Many parents are questioning why the officers would shoot so close to the school grounds.

"I think a lot of people feel that way," Windom said. You know, I've talked to some friends and some family and some people say 'yeah, good thing they took him out, they shot him' but if mental illness is in there or he was on drugs or he wasn't in his right mind. I don't believe taking his life was justified and that's what the officer tried to do was take his life."

He also said he doesn't believe it was justified to endanger the students.

Windom believes the school did a great job protecting the kids. He hopes the investigation answers his questions.

"I believe the officer should answer up for why he shot this man six times who had a baseball bat."

KRCR News Channel 7 did try to take some of these questions to the Shasta County Sheriff's Department without a response.

Because Redding Police Officers fired the shots in the incident, protocol says the Shasta County Sheriffs Department should do the investigation.

It is now being handled by the Major Crimes Division.

The officers involved are on administrative leave at this time which is standard procedure.

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