Camp Fire debris trucks kicking-up controversy over Cottonwood traffic concerns


    A thousand loads a day. That's how much debris some Cottonwood residents can expect to see for the next year, as trucks carry Camp Fire debris past their homes to the Anderson Landfill every day.

    However, some say those trucks are causing safety concerns in their community and they plan to do something about it.

    "When you have that much traffic that's that big and that heavy, especially when they're loaded down, it's very hard for them to stop," said Christine Kenlon.

    Kenlon says truck after truck of camp fire debris comes down her street everyday on their way to the Anderson dump.

    She says she understands that they need to use the dump for debris but hopes they can fix the problems they're causing before it's too late.

    "And it's only a matter of time after a year span of 1,000 loads a day, is what they're predicting, before whether it's an animal, a person, anything. Somebody's going to make a mistake," said Kenlon.

    She says even though they are going the speed limit, there are still a number of factors making the landfill traffic dangerous.

    "We have to be aware of a couple main issues that is effecting what's going on here. One of them that is huge is the condition and state of the road. And this is going to put a lot more weighted traffic to an extent this road already wasn't built for," added Kenlon.

    For her the traffic has become a constant problem.

    "Everyone I talk to about it has an instance where either they're on the wrong side of the road and they'd constantly be over the line a little bit and now we have down trees that everybody's trying to avoid," said Kenlon.

    That's why she hopes they will be able to make some positive changes next Tuesday at the Cottonwood and Anderson Town Hall Community Meeting.

    Kenlon says she will push to decrease the speed limit on the street and address the traffic problems the debris removal has caused.

    "All these issues need to be talked about and addressed so that the community is happy with what's going on and understands why we need to do this and we can all work together to create a plan," added Kenlon.

    The meeting will take place Tuesday, February 26 at 6 p.m. in the Cottonwood Community Center.

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