Redding college campuses said they have mass shooting protocols

College classroom at Simpson University

In light of the high school mass shooting in Florida, Simpson University and Shasta College in Redding said they do have a protocol to keep their students safe.

Director of Campus Operations of Simpson University Paul Davis said they hold training to give instructions on that exact circumstance as well as lockdown drills every semester for their students.

Davis said the classrooms on campus have the ability to be locked from the inside to keep students inside the classroom safe.

He also noted that there's an alert system that informs students if there's an incident or active shooter on campus through a mass email or text message.

"The best way as we notify students of drills and then when they're notified through a mass text system that we have for every student and every staff member, every faculty. We get a mass notification system on campus, they receive a text saying this is not a drill. This is a live event and gives instructions on that," said Davis.

Nursing student Laura Finn said she's glad the campus has a protocol.

"It makes me feel prepared in any type of situation that we might be put in dangerous situations - that we might be put in danger - that we have those tools we need to be safe and know what to do, not panic I guess," said Finn.

Shasta College Director of Campus Safety Lonnie Seay said they do an online training for their faculty and staff and is in the process training students on ALICE.

"Just this semester we were able to nearly reach 500 students within classroom training," said Seay.

Shasta College also has an alert system called RAVE messaging.

"We have a system called RAVE messaging for via email via text alerting," said Seay.

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