Candidate for U.S. Senate visits Northstate

Candidate for U.S. Senate visits Northstate

One of the hundreds of participants attending this year's Women's March in Redding was a new candidate running for U.S. Senate, Pat Harris.

Harris said he was there to show his support towards gender equality and female empowerment.

He's running his campaign on the idea of giving a voice to what he calls a 'new America,' which represents the working men and women.

Harris said his top three priorities are establishing a single payer health care, taking corporate money out of politics and moving towards a renewable environment.

"I believe I'm the right person for the job because for 23 years, I have been a civil rights and criminal defense attorney. I fight, that's what I do every single day," Harris said. "I go into a courtroom and I fight for people. I fight for people who are innocent and I fight for people who are guilty. I fight for people with money and I fight for people with no money."

Harris said that fight is needed in Washington. He supports immigrants having a clear path to citizenship, women having equal pay and everyone having equal access to health care.

For more information on Harris, click here.

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