Car full of art stolen out of Winco parking lot


REDDING, Calif. - A Viola man had his car full of personal art stolen when he decided to do a quick shopping in Redding.

Professional Illustrator and artist, 77-year-old Derek Grinnell of Viola, had his car stolen at the WinCo parking lot in Redding on Saturday, November 25. The crime took place in the afternoon when Grinnell stopped to buy some carrots.

He said that all of his meaningful belongings were inside and they haven't been recovered. On top of grabbing his car, the thieves took his artwork, art supplies, journals, camera, passport, clothes, credit card and more.

"I feel terrible, I mean, my life's gone, my life's work and a lot of my life's achievements are all gone. My portfolio, past artwork from London to San Francisco," said Grinnell.

Luckily for Grinnell, officers were able to track down and recover his stolen vehicle and they even arrested a suspect, but all of his belongings were nowhere to be found.

Grinnell was planning on making specialized holiday cards for his friends as Christmas gifts, but since his address book was taken as well he doesn't think he can send out cards.

"It's sad for me, you know? Not to be able to enjoy Christmas. You have all of my workings for Christmas cards, which I send out to my friends. Also, you stole my address book of all my friends. I can't express how terrible I feel," said Grinnell.

Redding police are still investigating the case. Grinnell hopes that someone will recognize his work and if the individual(s) that has his paintings, would return the stolen art and personal items back to him.

"At least open up and give me my work back, especially my journals. That's my life, you know? There's a lot of work in those, writing, personal things when my mother died and my father died, it's a lot of recorded stuff in there," noted Grinnell.

If you have any information or if you have seen Derek Grinnell's artwork, contact the Redding police department at 224-4200.

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