CHP Air Operations performs life-saving mission for Redding patient

CHP Air ops perform life-saving mission

On Thursday, a life saving mission was carried out by the California Highway Patrol's Northern Division Air Operations Team to provide essential medication to a Redding patient.

Shortly after 12:00 p.m. the CHP was requested by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to transport a life saving medication from the San Francisco Airport (SFO) to Redding.

The patient was being treated at Mercy Medical Center in Redding and needed a certain medication to survive. That medication made it to the hospital in time thanks to CHP's aerial response.

"When they called, they said it's going to save this person's life if we go do this transport," Flight Officer Jeff Hatcher explained. Officer Hatcher not only serves the department in the air but he is EMT certified.

The Northern California air operations crew has the largest geographic area to cover due to population. They're able to transport medication, organs and blood across the state.

The flight officers said when they knew this medication would save someone's life, there was zero hesitation to go wheels up.

"They had a medication that needed to come to Redding for a life-saving transport. We knew that they were going to be in Napa from San Francisco in about an hour which is about our flight time down to Napa so we came down to the aircraft and departed right away," said Pilot Eric Pohrman.

CHP Helicopter H-32 flew to SFO where they were greeted by a CDC official. H-32 then flew the medication to the Napa Airport where CHP's Northern Division Airplane 11 (Air-11) landed. Air-11 then flew to Benton Air Park where a Mercy Medical Center official was waiting to take it to the hospital.

CHP's Northern Division has a total of four air crafts, two helicopters and two fixed planes. Their fixed wing air crafts (Air-11 and 13) are the fastest patrol units the CHP has.

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