City of Shasta Lake responds to Grand Jury report

A Grand Jury report released Monday says the City of Shasta Lake rushed to sanction legal marijuana but the City Manager disagrees.

The report says the city isn't prepared for the excess electricity, water, and sewage cannabis-related industries require. It also pointed out the lack of planning with the Shasta County Sheriff's office on added enforcement.

The Grand Jury also said the city isn't handling cash correctly that is coming in from the cannabis-related businesses.

Due to the fact that federal law prevents federally insured banks from handling profits from marijuana businesses, city taxes must be paid in cash.

City Manager John Duckett said he doesn't believe there was a rush. He said they even hired a consultant to ensure they did things correctly.

"The city council and the planning commission spent over a year going through a comprehensive regulatory ordinance process working with a professional consultant in the cannabis area," Duckett said. "So, I think we regulate the businesses fairly good. We haven't had a lot of activity, yet. We've had a lot of interest but we've only issued six building permits that are for tenant improvements or remodels of existing buildings we don't have any permits for new buildings at this time."

Duckett said he is disappointed in the report and will review the Grand Jury's recommendations and respond within the allotted 60 day time limit.

To read the full report, click here.

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