Cottonwood Little League one of latest to be vandalized

Cottonwood Little League reports vandalism at their concessions stand is an ongoing problem.

Youth baseball and softball leagues across the Northstate are struggling with reports of vandalism. Foothill Area Little League as well as youth leagues in Anderson, Red Bluff, and Cottonwood have reported issues of break-ins and vandalism, causing unexpected expenses and hardship for the community groups.

The most recent break-in was at the Cottonwood Little League concession stand Saturday. Someone smashed a hole through the wall early Saturday and climbed in, stealing candy, keys and some change that was in the building.

Brandt Shriner, president of the league, got an alert from his security system, indicating that someone had broken in to the concessions stand. By the time law enforcement arrived, the intruder or intruders were gone, but the damage was done.

Between repairs, changing the locks, and replacing what was taken, the league lost hundreds of dollars.

Shriner said the property is vandalized about twice a month.

"Unfortunately, it has been a common thing for vandalism and burglaries here," Shriner said. "It's taking away from our league. As you can tell, the work we are going to have to do to make repairs, that's less dollars we can spend on our kids."

There are around 400 players in the league and when something like this happens, it takes away from the players.

The league in Cottonwood has since changed the locks and is considering installing security cameras. Shriner asks the community to keep an eye out when driving down Gas Point Road and to report anything that looks suspicious at the ball fields.

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office is investigating the break-in.

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