Debris removal is underway in Shasta County

As Shasta County recovers emotionally from the Carr Fire, crews are out helping to recover physically as well. In the process, those crews are not forgetting the psychological aspect.

"They 're very nice and very kind. They are very emotionally supportive. They know you lost your home, it isn't just a job to them. Even though they don't live here, they know this was a family's home. They just go through it and they talk to you and they try to make you laugh and smile and they're kind," said Candy Albertson.

Albertson and her family lost their home on Victoria Drive. Tuesday, she searched through the ashes of her home. She was taking one last look for her wedding ring before the crews in protective gear came in with their heavy equipment to clear it all away. However, Albertson said they don't have to clear it all if the homeowner says otherwise.

"They actually walk the perimeter with you and ask what you would like to keep. They asked me if I wanted to keep a few items and I had not expected them to do that," said Albertson. "They're going to do their best effort to pull items out that I couldn't pick up myself or we couldn't take out of the debris with their actual equipment."

She said it won't be easy to see it all go but she knows it's time.

"I think it's going to be more of a closure," said Albertson. "I've come out here a lot. I've had time to mourn and look through everything. I'm really looking forward to the next phase, and the next phase is the clean up and to see it clean and have a visual of what is going to be the future not what is the past."

The last day to sign up for the government program to remove debris is September 30.

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