Delta Fire Wednesday, September 12: Containment grows to 17%, some evacuations lifted

Delta Fire from the air courtesy of Gary Blanc . Photo taken on September 5.

Update as of 8:55 p.m.:

The Delta Fire is now 17 percent contained, with 57,233 acres burned. 3,188 personnel are working this fire.

Update as of 3:30 p.m.:

According to the U.S. Forest Service, mandatory evacuations have been lifted and residents may return home to Delta Road, Lamoine Road, Delta School Road, Pollard Flat area, Slate Creek Road, Little Slate Creek Road, Eagles Roost Road, Eviesbrood Road, and Coyote Pass Road.

Residents entering these areas will be required to provide documentation to verify residency.

The following areas remain under mandatory evacuation: residents off Dog Creek Road, Sugarloaf Lookout Road, Saylor Road, Harr Ridge Road, McCall Creek Road, Cavanaugh Canyon Road, Fenders Ferry Road, Highland Lakes Road, Campbell Creek Road, Rivera Drive, Karwin Drive, Nighthawk Lane, Shotgun Creek Road, Upper Shotgun #1 and #2 Roads, Mears Ridge Road, Sims Road, Sims Lookout Road, Hazel Creek Road, and Girard Ridge Road.

According to Caltrans, I-5 north of Redding is now open with limited traffic control following the full closure due to the Delta Fire.

Officials said all truck restrictions have also been lifted.

Ramp closures will remain in effect except for residents that live in areas where evacuation orders have been lifted.

The rest areas at O'Brien and Lakehead are now open.

Due to re-construction of damaged freeway infrastructure, travelers may be subject to single lane traffic control during daytime hours between Lamoine and Pollard Flat.

Motorists are being asked to drive with caution and be aware that emergency vehicles may be in the area.

Original Article:

According to the U.S. Forest Service, the Delta Fire is now 15 percent contained and remains at 53,837 acres.

A community meeting for both the Delta and Hirz Fire will be held on Thursday, September 13. It will begin at 6:00 p.m. at Dunsmuir Elementary School, located at 4760 Siskiyou Avenue.

Fire officials from the U.S. Forest Service, Cal Fire, and the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office will give an overview and answer questions.

A large column seen from Redding Tuesday afternoon was a result of the fire consuming unburned fuels within control lines above Fenders Ferry Road.

Wednesday, firefighters will focus on aggressively attacking the fire in the north/northeast area near Shotgun and Hazel Creek Roads. The fire continues to grow slowly in this area and is within control lines.

Crews will extend existing handline assisted by dozers where the terrain allows. Work will also continue on additional contingency or backup firelines further out.

Officials said aggressive fire suppression activities were very successful Tuesday. Federal, state, and local government fire crews achieved 15 percent containment with 526 acres of growth.

Contained areas include a section near Boulder Creek in the northeast and on Fenders Ferry Road in the southeast. Officials added winds did not increase Tuesday as originally expected.

Clear morning skies allowed for water and retardant drops on the eastern edge in the Sims Road area. Overnight, crews in this area completed fireline down to a frontage road west of Interstate 5.

Crews continued to hold and construct new firelines in Hazel Creek, Fenders Ferry, and Dog Creek areas.

In the north, crews completed a large section of dozer line southwest of Highland Lakes to Gozem Peak. Firefighters successfully completed line around a spot fire in this area to push the fire back towards the fire's edge.

On the western edge, firefighters have been able to directly attack the fire in the Damnation Park and Fools Gulch areas. There was limited to no growth in these rock areas. Control lines continue to hold in the Dog Creek area.

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