Delta Fire Update Thursday, September 27: Aerial mapping shows more accurate acreage

Courtesy: U.S. Forest Service

Update 9 a.m. Thursday, September 27:

Firefighters have issued a new estimate for the two spot fires that broke out near the Delta Fire this week.

The larger spot fire near Bear Gulch has been mapped at 1,047 acres. The smaller spot fire is now estimated at 14 acres.

Original Story written on Thursday, September 27:

The Delta Fire is 98 percent contained and has burned 62,504 acres after two spot fires broke out.

The U.S. Forest Service first estimated the spot fire was 500-1,000 acres, then said it was 1,500 acres. The acreage was updated after aerial mapping was used to determine a more accurate size, which concluded that it burned 762 acres.

An investigator determined the spot fire that broke out Tuesday came from the main Delta Fire and was on the southwest corner.

There was a second smaller spot fire that burned about 27 acres on the south side of Damnation Creek.

Full containment is expected by Friday, October 5. According to the U.S. Forest Service 692 fire crews continue to work on the fire.

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