Disabled veteran and wife get evicted from their home

71-year-old Danny Horton and his wife 70-year-old Frankie Horton

71-year-old Danny Horton is a disabled veteran that lives in Redding with his wife, Frankie Horton, who is also disabled.

According to Danny, they’ve been married 52 years, born in the same hospital by the same doctor. He says he married Frankie just three days after meeting her.

Thursday evening, the Hortons were evicted from their home because Danny Horton did not submit required paperwork on time to the Redding Housing Authority.

The Redding Housing Authority decided to terminate their agreement due to the paperwork.

Hornet has also been late with rent payments with the property management Knox Realty in the past.

Danny said there were efforts made to help them stay in their home, by the help of agencies and the mayor of Redding, where they raised the amount owed to the property management Knox Realty, but he said they decided to not take the money at the very end. He also said understood why the property management decided to not move forward.

"We got all this money together, all these agencies, they're going to handle this and they said they just don't want to. 'Did they give a reason why?' Yeah, because I've been late with my payments before in the past and they're just not going to take that chance that would happen in the future. And rightfully own that's, they're in business," said Danny.

Knox Realty representative said they cannot comment due to it being confidential, but did state they've been working with the Hortons for months and reached out to him about what he will do with payments. They said Mr. Horton did not return their calls for months until it became too late.

Mayor Kristen Schreder said the Hortons are getting assistance from Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency.

"We're fortunate we have a great Shasta County health and human services agency that has assigned case managers, housing case managers to work with the Horton family to access where their needs are and right now, to find them a temporary and then hopefully long-term housing," said Mayor Schreder.

Thursday morning, their friend and neighbor tried to block Shasta County Sheriff Deputies from evicting the couple and changing the locks to the home but was unsuccessful.

Knox realty representative said the Hortons have 15 days to contact them where they will be let inside the home to gather their belongings.

Mayor Schreder said housing case members from Shasta County Health and Human services are assisting the couple to help them get through the process of re-submitting to the Redding Housing Authority program.

"I think its February 20, 8 or 23 and so then their application will then be resubmitted today and so they'll be reconsidered for, if everything stays the same, then they will be eligible," said Mayor Schreder.

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