Domestic violence led to a shooting on Hartnell

30-year-old Ray Earl Beauchamp

Redding Police officials said a case of domestic violence led to a shooting on Hartnell Avenue Monday night, as a man threatened his ex-girlfriend.

Redding police said two suspects were arrested and booked into the Shasta County Jail.

The suspects, 30-year-old Ray Earl Beauchamp, originally from Louisiana but now a Redding resident and his alleged accomplice, 38-year-old Chaygamem Lake of Shingletown.

Police said the victim threatened to call police during a verbal confrontation with Beauchamp, at a friend's house, in east Redding.

That's when police say Beauchamp left, but came back and tried to break one of the victim's car windows, by punching it and slashed her tire.

After she repaired her tire, the victim then started to drive home.

While driving, the victim told police she drove past Beauchamp's car and saw it stop and turn around to follow her.

She tried to get away and stopped at Power Market on Hartnell Avenue, hoping the security camera would scare Beauchamp away, but it did not.

He got out of his car and punched victim's car window several times, trying to break it.

The victim drove off and that's when the suspect fired several shots at the victim's vehicle.

Investigators say they found two bullet holes in the victim's car.

Redding police Sergeant Todd Cogle said the threats didn't stop there.

"That surprised us the next day because we were in the middle of the investigation and she contacted us and relayed to us newest threats and that kind of took all of us by surprise because we knew he was aware that we were looking for him and that he was facing some serious charges. And it didn't seem to deter him at all," said Sergeant Cogle.

Cogle said the victim is relieved Beauchamp is in custody and she doesn't have to fear for her safety.

It was later determined Lake was driving the car leading up to and during the shooting.

Both Beauchamp and Lake are charged with assault with a firearm and firing a weapon at an occupied vehicle.

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