Downtown Redding plan update for community review


REDDING, Calif. - The Downtown Redding Specific Plan Update is a plan with specific development standards and design guidelines for the downtown area. The communities input helped shape the updated plan.

The city received a grant from California Strategic Growth Council to do an update on the plan, according to the City of Redding's Planning Manager, Paul Hellman. Hellman said the plan is now available for review to the community to give feedback.

"Now we are looking for the actual feedback on the plan itself. Whether or not we capture the input that was received and put it into the regulations and the standard in the way people were hoping for and looking for," said Hellman.

According to Hellman, the Downtown Redding Specific Plan update has been in the process for a little over a year, by gathering community's input through online surveys, community meetings, and a few workshops. The City of Redding Planning Commission created the online survey back in March 2017 that had 2,000 online responses and out of the 2,000, 1,600 were local comments on the plan to put into consideration for the update.

Hellman said they will take comments until mid-January. Revisions will be made if comments are still being received by January 15, 2018. 

The Downtown Redding Specific Plan update mentions that the downtown parking plan, in regards to the parking garage and other parking spaces, will be handled by a separate planning effort that will develop a downtown parking strategy. The strategy will present alternatives and recommendations for the parking structures and management programs in discussions on creating a revenue structure on how to fund future parking improvements and developments.

You can get more information and review the Downtown Redding Specific Plan update here. 

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