Drug needles concerning parents in Shasta County


REDDING, Calif. - A Shasta County community is concerned that hypodermic needles that are used for drugs are threatening public safety and the safety of their children.

Parents have voiced that the spread of HIV is a concern of theirs when they are out at public parks and trails.

"I've come across multiple hypodermic needles, multiple used condoms in the sand in the areas where i specifically bring my children," one mother stated, and said the fear that her child may one day pick up a used needle is very present.

Megan Groshong is a nurse with Shasta County Public Health and gave advice about what parents or anyone who's out and about should do if they come across a used needle.

"If you have been exposed or your child has been exposed to a needle hiv doesn't last too long in a needle, but it's possible it did just come out of someone's arm so it's a good idea to never touch someone else's dirty needle," Groshong said, "While parents should be concerned, there has actually never been a documented case of the spread of HIV through a publicly discarded needle.

Temperature and how long a needle has been out in the elements will play a factor in how likely it is spread.

Groshong advised if someone does get pricked they should go to the hospital in order to get a post-treatment and a test for other diseases that could have transmitted, such as hepatitis.

For locations to safely deposit needles and syringes click here.

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