Fall River Mills woman still missing but community holds on to hope as dog is found

71-yr-old Lauralyn Palmer missing

A Fall River Mills woman is still missing but the dog she was last seen walking has returned home and the Shasta County Sheriff's Office is calling the return a significant advancement in their search as friends and family hold out hope for her safe return.

According to officials, 71-year-old Lauralyn Palmer or "Lyn", took a family dog on a walk in a wooded area southeast of her home, which is in the 23000 block of Cassel Fall River Road, around 4:30 p.m. Friday.

"At Roughly 12-12:30 this afternoon we were notified that the dog did return to the residence so we're following up on leads with that right now. What I was told is the dog wasn't injured and appeared healthy," said Shasta County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Chris Edwards.

Sergeant Edwards said the dog's return also brings concern, as Lyn may still be out there.

"Because of the flat topography it could get kind of confusing. It does look the same at least the areas that I was in. You can see behind me if you were to get out there a mile or two it would all pretty much look the same," said Edwards.

Edwards added the terrain is rough and full of lava rock.

The Pit River is also near Lyn's home but it is located a mile or two in the opposite direction in which she was last seen walking. However, Sgt. Edwards said they are not ruling anything out as far as what may have happened to Lyn.

People close to the Shasta County woman, along with her husband, say they noticed Lyn was exhibiting early signs of dementia but they are still very hopeful she will be home soon.

"You know people that just casually knew her or came in as customers wouldn't notice so much but I worked with her every day and we could see some signs that she was changing," Kandie Dekker explained. Dekker has volunteered alongside Lyn for years at the Mayers Memorial Hospital Thrift Store.

Lyn's past and previous co-workers speak highly of her, saying she poured her heart into their community on a daily basis. They have been among family members searching for Lyn and offering their support in other ways as well.

"I would love to say, 'Lyn if you're out there and there's anyway you can contact anybody, if someone picked you up and took you somewhere where you don't want to be please phone home. We miss you. We need you here'," Dekker desperately stated.

Palmer is 5-foot-2-inches tall, about 140 pounds with gray hair and wears glasses.

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's assistance in locating her.

If anyone was in the area of Cassel Fall River Road near Shoshoni Loop and saw Palmer, deputies are asking them to contact the Shasta County Sheriff's Office immediately. Calls can be placed 24-hours a day at 530-245-6540.

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