Family of officer-involved shooting suspect speaks out


The family of the Redding man shot Wednesday by Redding police officers near the Buckeye School of the Arts has decided to speak out.

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office reported that Levi Nicholson charged at officers with a baseball bat, and when he did so, two police officers shot him multiple times.

Jose Alvarez, Nicholson's brother, spoke to KRCR and said that as a parent he understands the fear of an unknown man being around a school, but he said his brother was a kind person that loved his children and suffered from mental illness.

Alvarez said that he believed Nicholson didn't take his medication Tuesday which led to the erratic behavior, but even then he is still surprised by what the Sheriff's Office reported.

"I just can't picture my brother running at two police officers with a baseball bat while they were holding guns. I just can't see anybody but like I said he does suffer from the mental illness and he hadn't had his medications, so. I feel like law enforcement didn't know they were dealing with someone that was mentally ill when they approached the scene," said Alvarez.

The family said they are speaking out now because they haven't been able to enter the hospital to see Nicholson.

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