Fatal Redding DUI suspect denied lower bail request


REDDING, Calif. - The 25-year-old woman, Kendra Andersen-Schwegerl, accused of driving drunk and killing two young women in November was in court to try and have her bail reduced on Friday.

The courtroom was full of people from Hoopa, the hometown of the two deceased victims Erica Young and Lacey Jackson.

Andersen-Schwegerl was in tears as the judge repeated that she is charged with killing two women and injuring others. Her attorney requested that the $1 million bail be reduced to $50,000 or even $150,000.

The attorney explained to the judge that she would not be a flight risk. He said she would go live with family in Lake County. It was added that she's attended 19 alcohol anonymous meetings since she was first released in November. He said this was a one-time incident and that she has no history of drug or alcohol abuse. She's been attending grief counseling he said to "cope with this horrible accident."

"Accident?" muttered someone in the crowd before being hushed by other attendants. 

Ultimately, the judge denied the request to lower her bail. He noted that anyone who is facing up to a life sentence could consider fleeing.

Erica Young's grandmother, Susan Masten, said she feels for Andersen-Schwegerl's family but her family is hurting too, and Andersen-Schwegerl should face the consequences.

"My daughter and my son-in-law are still angry over the whole thing because that was their baby and she's not here anymore," said Masten. "They cant talk to her, they can't look at her. [Andersen-Schwegerl's] parents still can talk to her, can still look at her can still hold her and we'll never be able to do that again.

She added that Young was always the designated driver and was very responsible. She said it's not fair for her life to end the way it did.

Later in the day, another Redding man was in court Friday, 23-year-old Nicholas Vanvleet. He is suspected of stabbing three victims outside of a Redding bar on Wednesday night. He called one victim the devil and called himself an angel. Officers had to tackle him to get him in handcuffs. He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

He appeared before a judge for his arraignment on Friday visibly bruised and battered. The judge set his bail at $500,000 and said although he has no criminal history, he could be a threat to the community.

Robert Milton was also in court Friday. He is charged with DUI, resisting arrest and battery on a police officer. He was chased down by officers Wednesday night. He ran into Redding's Planet Fitness. When he came back out he is said to have taken a fighting stance with officers, attempting to grab an officer's baton, and punched a police K-9. 

Milton's attorney did not show up for court. Milton's bail was set at $15,000 and he will head to a jury trial on January 23. 

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