New video shows different angle of Cottonwood party arrest


New video has surfaced from the controversial house party broken up by the Shasta County Sheriff's Office last Saturday night.

Multiple videos have already been released this week, taken by party goers that have raised questions about the way some deputies handled the arrests of 27-year-old Tad Pfrimmer and 26-year-old Alex Gattica.

Now, in the new video you can see Elizabeth Swann, a friend of Gattica's, get grabbed by the shoulders and forcefully moved away by a deputy as he and fellow officers move to subdue Alex Gattica.

In a prepared statement released on Monday, the Sheriff's Office said at some point Gattica was standing up, threatening them and enticing others to do the same.

But Swann sees it differently. She said Gattica was sitting right next to her when it happened.

"All he said was mother expletive stop, expletive you! That's all he said and that cop came storming out of that room and drug him away. And I got up and stood up and asked like what are you doing? That ain't fair," said Swann.

The video shows how quickly the incident escalated between Swann and the deputies.

"One of the cops that had Alex, they just straight just like pushed my arm. Then the other cops came storming out of the room. Grabbed me by both my shoulders, and threw me into a group of people. like straight tossed me," said Swann.

Swann also said her foot still hurts from the incident.

"The way that they pushed me, I kind of twisted my foot a little bit because I've had non-stop pain since that party," said Swann.

She said deputies told her they used force because she touched them.

In addition, the sheriff's office has said that the officers felt threatened and outnumbered by the crowd at the party.

Still, she doesn't think it should have happened the way it did.

"I'm going to go to the police station and file a police report for both of those cops putting hands on me for no reason," said Swann.

However, Swann did commend one of the deputies who can be seen standing near the door to the house in the video of Alex Gattica getting arrested.

She said he acted with professionalism and respect to the party goers the entire time.

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