"Force in Training Day" teaches Enterprise High School students skills for success


REDDING, Calif. - Enterprise High School students learned skills they need to land a job in culinary arts through "Force in Training Day," otherwise known as FIT.

FIT Day is part of Enterprise High School's ProStart Program, which is an interactive class that teaches Junior and Senior students what working in a restaurant is like.

Senior student Kayla Obar has been part of the ProStart Program since last year.

"We learned about restaurant management and all the different types of food and the way to heat it, and just about all the different types of cuisine," said Obar.

Executive Chef James Leedy said FIT was put together by the California Restaurant Association Foundation to better prepare students for employment post-graduation by applying certain techniques.

Chef Leedy has been teaching the ProStart Program at Enterprise High School for four years.

"Even for the students who don't fulfill this as a career, they know how to take care of themselves. They understand what food safety is, sanitation, they've learned skills that they can take and entertain friends and family," said Leedy.

Students spend Monday through Wednesday learning from their three textbooks in a classroom, and Thursdays and Fridays applying what they learn in a lab with kitchen stations.

Obar said ProStart has taught her skills that have gotten her closer to her goal of owning a cafe.

"I always try and cook but a lot of it wouldn't turn out, and he taught me how to do things more well and it also taught me communication and teamwork," said Obar.

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