Free erosion supplies available for fire survivors


For the rest of this weekend and next weekend, Carr Fire survivors and burn area residents can pick up free erosion control supplies, meet with experts and watch installation demonstrations at 8031 Eastside Road in Redding.

The supplies and event are being provided by the city of Redding, Shasta County and local organizations like the McConnell Foundation.

On the first day of supply pick-up, survivors shared the joys and frustrations they've faced with fire recovery, as new concerns mount about rain this winter.

"Well it's a long process getting through this. It's not like the fire's gone and you just go back in there and live your life like it was before," said Don Spellman, west Redding burn area resident.

All day Carr Fire survivors and burn area residents, like Spellman, arrived in empty pick up trucks, ready to be packed with bales of straw and waddles to help prevent more damage to their properties from water run-off and mudslides on land already devastated by wildfires.

"We back up to a hill with our house,and so I'm concerned there might be some erosion coming down the hill either water or mud," said Spellman.

Another fire survivor, Rachel Tate, came to get free erosion supplies for her property.

"We came today, loaded up what we could to take back to our property," said Tate.

Property owners can also get expert advice and take part in installation training, with demonstrations by Erosion Control Specialist and Geomorphologist, John McCullah.

"There's a couple of ways of installing them. You can put them in a little trench. Like that one there is a three inch trench scratched in the soil. Then you put the trench roll in there and then you put a stake down every four feet," said McCullah.

The remaining days to sign up and pick up erosion supplies are Sunday, and then October 27th, and 28th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Organizers said each property owner or renter can get ten bales of hay and four waddles for free.

They do, however, want to warn everyone that supplies are limited.

So, people should still come sign up for waddles. Signing up helps the city know how much of each material to buy. That way, supplies can be picked up next week when more supplies become available.

"It will be really good. Yes, hard things come in life. But, there's a bigger picture and you just believe and trust and come through."

For demonstrations and information regarding erosion control, visit:

Carr Fire - Post-Fire Seeding Rates

Carr Fire - Erosion Control and Rehab

For additional recovery resources:

Cal HOPE Shasta

Earth Savers

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