Furry paws greeted patients at Mercy Medical Center

Furry paws greeted patients at Mercy Medical Center in Redding on Thursdayg

Furry paws padded down the halls of Mercy Medical Center in Redding Thursday as volunteers from Prescription Pets stopped by to greet and cheer up patients.

The group said Prescription Pets has been doing the volunteer work for 20 years, often visiting hospitals, retirement homes, and social services.

One patient, Pearl Farnsworth, said she's been stuck in bed at the hospital for seven days and has pets of her own she misses at home. She said she believes dogs should visit more often at the hospital.

"Any time of the day, they should have dogs in here. That's my opinion. And it's great because it lifts you up, especially when you have dogs [of your own] you can't see, " said Farnsworth.

The group said if people are interested in volunteering themselves, you can find them on Facebook through Rx Pets.

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