'Girl in the Box' talks about Papini and offers support


REDDING, Calif. - Very few people in the Northstate can relate to what Sherri Papini has gone through and is going through, however, there is one person who might know.

Officials noted Papini was held captive and even branded. On Thanksgiving, she was let go on the side of the road in Yolo County.

Colleen Stan, who is also known as "Girl in the Box" knows what is it like to be held captive. Cameron Hooker tortured Stan and locked her in a box from 1977 to 1984, in Tehama County.

Once she was freed the world wanted to know every detail.

"The media was camped out on my dad's front lawn for two weeks straight," Stan noted.

Stan noted she prayed for Papini to be returned safely, but she also prayed for her again once she was free.

"I just prayed that, 'Lord, I hope the media will understand that she needs her time, she needs her time to reconnect, she needs her time to be with family'."

Stan added, it's overwhelming and took her nearly two years to open up to the public.

"I really didn't talk to the media for the first year just because I was busy trying to put my life back together," she explained.

However, it was not just the pressure from the media Stan had to endure, but the hurtful rumors.

All over social media people are doubting Papini's story. Stan said rumors are sometimes hard to ignore.

"It does hurt you a little bit inside, it's like why don't they see? Why don't they understand what really happened here? You have to try to not take it personally," she questioned.

Sherri Papini's husband Keith Papini gave a statement to "Good Morning America", he noted addressing all the rumors were preposterous.

Stan saw the statement, when she began to talk about it her eyes started fill with tears and she said, "The horrible things that she went through and that these people did to her. It just really broke my heart and I really understand".

She has a message for those spreading rumors, "Try to put yourself in her shoes, you know, and be kind… there are three rules, one be kind, two be kind, three be kind," she said.

Stan said her family was also an integral part in her recovering.

"I'm just so thankful she has a loving husband, children, and family to help her get over this," she said.

Although Stan's family helped her she also continues to seek help from a professional.

"I do hope she (Sherri Papini) finds a good doctor to work with," Stan noted.

Stan hopes her experience will give Sherri strength and courage to move on from this.

"Only you know the pain and suffering and whatever you went through," Stand explained. "So, just know you did everything right because you finally got free and now you can move on with your life."

She said she has found support from other women who were also held captive.

Stan noted if Papini ever needs someone to talk to she will be there for her.

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