Grand jury report critical of City of Shasta Lake's pot procedures

Shasta County, California

The Shasta County Grand Jury released the findings of their investigation into the City of Shasta Lake's planning and implementation of its guidelines for the legal recreational marijuana industry.

The report claims the City of Shasta Lake acted in a "rush to become the first Shasta County city to permit recreational cannabis businesses" and in doing so failed to develop and implement laws, regulations and plans to properly oversee the law enforcement, code enforcement and cash business procedure requirements. The report also cites infrastructure needs, including a mandated secondary access road in the Shasta Gateway Industrial Park.

The 19 page report titled "Green Rush...Up In Smoke? Legal Cannabis in the City of Shasta Lake" was released Monday. It included 12 findings and 11 recommendations. You can download the entire report on the Shasta County website here.

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