Grand Jury report reveals Anderson has done as promised with Measure A funds

An investigation by the Shasta County Grand Jury into the City of Anderson's Measure A & B showed that the City of Anderson's City Council has fulfilled its promise to spend 50 percent of the tax revenues generated from Measure A, on the Anderson Police Department.

The Grand Jury said they decided to do this investigation in order to hold government accountable and inform citizens whether their Measure B advisory vote was being followed.

The investigation found the elected officials of the City of Anderson had also designated additional tax monies to support parks, to increase the General Fund Reserves and to support other general city services.

Measure A, a sales tax increase, and Measure B, a tax spending advisory, were voted on by Anderson residents on June 10, 2014. Measure A passed by a 6 percent margin and Measure B passed by a 34 percent margin, showing a strong support for Measure A money being used primarily for the Anderson Police Department.

To see the full report, click here.

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