Shasta County Sheriff's: Happy Valley barn cleared of explosives

Happy Valley home untouched after bomb squad destroyed explosives found in the barn

The house on Happy Valley Road still stands after the barn was set on fire in order to destroy almost 200 pounds of explosives that were suspected to be left inside by the previous homeowner.

Steven and Tammy Joseph told KRCR the reason they bought the property was to turn the old barn structure into a shop. The Joseph's were living in their other Shasta County residence while they were renovating the property. They claimed to have no idea boxes of old dynamite were inside.

The Joseph's stated a private explosives company was willing to move the dynamite, however, they would not release who the company was.

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office said the dynamite was too old and unstable to move and burning the barn down was the only solution in order to ensure the safety of families and neighbors nearby. This solution, officials said the Joseph's agreed to in a 3-page contract, which was signed by both Steven and Tammy Joseph on February 28, a week before the barn was burned down.

The last paragraph in the agreement states, "The law does not obligate the government to compensate you for the incinerated or destroyed structures or personal property located on the property, nor obligated to remove incinerated debris."

The Sheriff's Office said there is no longer a concern with what remains on the property. The bomb team spent Tuesday sifting through the remains to the best of their ability in an attempt to locate any further explosives. They did not locate any other concerning materials.

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