Redding fire officials urge safety after house fire was started by hot ashes


It's getting cold outside and that means more people will be lighting their wood heaters and stoves to stay warm but those cozy flames come with added dangers.

Just before 1:00 pm Wednesday, fire crews responded to a house fire on the 2000 block of Terrace Street in Redding.

Mike Ham from the Redding Fire Department said the fire was started by improper disposal of ashes.

Two dogs were inside the home when they arrived, but were safely rescued, and no injuries were reported during the fire.

But Ham said this fire could have been avoided.

"You want to make sure the ashes are out, whether you put it in a metal bucket or stick it outside on the gravel or concrete and let it cool off that way. Or you rinse them, fully submerge them. Where they are completely out before you dispose of them in the trash can," said Ham.

He said a few basic rules to remember are that ashes should be cool to the touch before being tossed and that you should never rush the cooling process.

To find out other ways to protect yourself and home from fires this winter you can check out more fire safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association here.

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