How a government shutdown would impact the Northstate

With the threat of a government shutdown, something we got a taste of in 2013, many people in the Northstate are left wondering how it will impact us locally.

Here's what you need to know:

For veterans, the Redding and Chico clinics are already funded, so they will be open. The Shasta County veterans services office doors will stay open in Redding but they have already been locked out of the federal database, so some information may be limited.

You will still get your mail because the US Postal Service has its own funding through stamps and other fees.

The same thing also applies to social security benefits. Social security is a mandatory program.

Flights should not be cancelled but may be delayed. Airports would remain open and air traffic controllers and Transportation Security Administration officials would be there. However, there could be some delays as "non-essential" employees would be furloughed.

What about the national parks? With the snow, Lassen is gearing up for possibly the biggest weekend of their winter season and the majority of the park's staff could be furloughed.

"The park itself will still be open to the public there will be no gates put up like in some of the previous shut downs," said park superintendent Jim Richardson.

The park will be open but certain buildings will not. The visitor center on the south side will be closed and locked and the restrooms at Manzanita Lake will also be closed and locked.

There won't even be someone to take your entrance fee. It's the honor system that you drop your money in the payment box.

Getting to the park will be okay, but once you're there the sidewalks and other areas won't be shoveled.

"Most of the way to get to the park is plowed by Caltrans by the state of California so they still should be able to get to the park but some of that fine detail they should be prepared for a little different experience," said Richardson.

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