With two new volunteer firefighters, Fire Company 54 resumes operations

Lakehead Volunteer Fire Company 54 in Shasta County.

Two new volunteers at Lakehead Volunteer Fire Company 54 have completed their training and now the fire station is slowly returning to full operation.

"It was just a matter of, you know, we just now got done," said Andrew Miller, a full-time public relations agent who is one of the new volunteer firefighters in Lakehead. "We're just now getting out there, and hopefully people seeing us around town will get people to come knock on the door, call us, and do whatever they can to join."

Miller and fellow volunteer firefighter Rick Sealana keep the specifics of their day jobs private, but say they're proud to step up and volunteer to protect their heavily-wooded town.

The two are overseen by a CAL FIRE battalion chief, but the firehouse is their responsibility.

They say becoming a volunteer firefighter is no longer who you know, but what you know. New California guidelines require every volunteer firefighter go through a rigorous training program.

Their training required 40 hours of work a week for three months before being elevated to the positions.

"It was a struggle because, you have to fit it in, you just have to do it," said Sealana, who works full-time as a federal employee. "You have to put a commitment down and just go with the commitment and just go with it until it's done."

Lakehead Volunteer Fire Company 54 and many other fire stations are still looking for volunteers.

If interested in volunteering or learning more, call 530-225-2418, or visit the Shasta County Fire Department's website.

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