Lakehead hosts community meeting on Carr Fire

Townspeople gather in the Lakehead Lion's Club to hear officials speak on the Carr Fire.

Concerned citizens of Lakehead gathered at the Lion's Club to hear updates on Carr Fire containment Thursday night.

Cal Fire officials told the crowd that the probability of the Carr Fire turning back towards Lakehead is highly unlikely.

The meeting seemed to satisfy the audience, with few people asking questions, and no outbursts during the Q&A. There were around 200 people in attendance. Those who couldn't find a chair stood around the corners of the room.

Teresa Telles, a Lakehead local, was particularly impressed with how officials handled the meeting.

"Probably one of the best," Telles said. "All of them have been wonderful, they've been attended highly, and all of the people speaking have been so informative in really answering all of our questions."

Cal Fire Incident Commander Bret Gouvea said they've had a great 24 hours fighting the Carr Fire, and they're turning even more of their attention towards the northern flank.

"We were fairly successful last night back burning a lot of those lines to create a buffer, so that the main fire doesn't come and hit the lines up here and threaten the community of Lakehead," Gouvea said.

Officials urged the crowd to never let their guard down, even as containment increases.

There was one complaint to PG&E about keeping power on for well owners and people on oxygen.

A spokesman replied that in some cases, the company provides mobile power generation units to customers, and said customers should be prepared for power shutoffs during red flag warnings.

During the meeting, the U.S. Forest Service warned there's still a lot of unburned fuel in the fire area, and Lakehead residents can expect to see a lot of smoke in the sky in the coming days.

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